Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day by Day

God has been good , and I am feeling almost back to my normal self:) Thanks for praying. This week has been great. It is a missions focus week at the school, so everday we have a short chapel about missions. Actually, there is a group from a Christian school in Germany here this week , and they presented their school this morning. God is working all over the world, and it´s so encouraging to hear about. I was actually talking with one of the teachers from Germany, and she was telling me all the things she had to do to gradute from college in Germany....let´s just say I have no room to complain!!:) It´s crazy, in about three weeks I´ll be getting ready to come home. Part of me can´t believe that, and part of me can´t wait to come home:) So if you could pray that I am all here the last three weeks... I would really apprecaite that. Thanks so so much for praying, I really cannot thank you enough.

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  1. You are so good about posting consistently! I love hearing about your adventures and knowing how to pray for you better. Enjoy your last few weeks to the fullest...and we'll have to get together when you come back. :) Love you Holland sis!