Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hey everyone. I hope you are doing well wherever you are. It's crazy, three weeks from today I will be at my home church (hopefully if I am not too jet-lagged:) It's mixed emotions. At times, it seems sad to leave this place that I have grown to love. At other times I can barely wait for the time to come to go home! But the last couple of days have been nice. Yesterday I went into Madrid again with a group of students because a teacher wanted to take some students visiting from Germany to the city. It was a nice day and fun to see a little more of the city (and to have the energy to do it!). And I spent most of the time with the teacher from Germany; her name was Lena, and we had a nice time talking.Today I went out evangelizing at the metro again., but it didn't go so well. None of us really had any conversations. To be honest, I probably could have tried harder, but I just never know the best way to do it, and everyone looked like they were in a hurry today, but at least some good tracks were passed out to people. And this afternoon I helped Merry make paella, a very spanish dish. It was very good! But it also makes a lot, so we have lunch for the next three days now :) Teaching is going well, but I would appreciate your prayers that I would finish strong. I really love the students here. On Friday that had a chapel service when the students reported on their missions trip to Croatia ; it was so ENCOURAGING to here these students have a passion to share the Gospel. That' all for now. Thanks again and again for praying.


  1. i love you hannah! and your shirt and purse ;)

  2. I can see your hair is growing longer! I'm so glad you are enjoying every opportunity to get to know people and see parts of Europe, but we are looking forward to having you home soon!!