Monday, April 5, 2010

Back in Spain

I feel like I have so much to write about...the conference in Germany, the trip to London, the Easter service...but to be honest I don't have much energy right now. You may be thinking, "Wait, weren't you just sick?" Ha, yes I was. But I don't think my body handles the crazy traveling I've been going very well. I got home from London at 2 in the morning and then got up a little after 6 for the sunrise service....I don't think that helped. But I am glad that I went to the service. It was actually outside in a park. It was a small group of people...we sang and then we had a short sermon on the importance of the resurrection (thankfully it was one of the missionaries speaking because they don't talk as fast:). After the service, we had churros and hot chocolate. This is a very typical Spanish treat, and the hot chocolate is more of a hot pudding really, but that's what makes it good for dipping:) I was able to talk with my friend Priscilla some...she still hasn't found a job, but we had a great time talking. Please keep praying for her.
I actually stayed from school today and slept... a lot. Im praying that by tomorrow I will be able to go back to school! But I read in Numbers 10 today and that's when the Israelites were complaining for meat....there perspective was completely off. I prayed that I wouldn't be like that, though I know I have the same sinful heart. Just because I am sick does not give me license to have a bad attitude!! So that's all for now; thanks for praying.