Sunday, April 25, 2010


I love God's sovereignty!! And He gave me a great reminder yesterday that He is always watchful of His children. I was suppose to meet the jovenes group at this park called Juan Carlos. Well Merry dropped me off, and she couldn't stay until I found them because she had to pick someone up from the airport. Juan Carlos is not a typical's HUGE!!!! I started walking in the direction I was told, but I felt very lost. I just started praying that the Lord would work this out somehow. I didn't have a cell phone or anything, but I have to admit I kind of laughed at the situation I found myself in. After about 10-15 min. of wandering, I ran into Marie, the French teacher at ECA!! She's become a good friend during my time here. The reason she was at the park was because she was taking the 10th grade to the park for a class party. She was looking for one of her students when we "happened" to run into each other. She showed me where they were going to be, and if I couldn't find my group, that I could come back and hang out with them. I walked for a bit longer, but I realized if I kept wandering I might not be able to find Marie again. So I decided that I would just go and hang out with them. And we had a blast! We played apples to apples and messed around with a soccer ball. God is so good in how He works things out.
Today was my last Sunday, and it was a little sad to say bye to my new friends. But God was good in the time of street evangelism--all of us had the opportunity to share with people today!! And then Merry took me to a couple of parks today after church. The parks were BEAUTIFUL!! I will miss Spain....but for now I am enjoying the time I have here. Thanks for praying.

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