Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Extravaganza!

Today in the USA is a national holiday. In Quito, Ecuador, it is a normal Monday-well for most anyways, but I will get to that :)
Today I went to Isaac's (Cris and Jorge's 2year old son) day camp for summer. This was the first day, so things were a little crazy. I ended helping up with the 4year olds, and there were about 20 kids in our group. We definitely had our crazy moments, but it's actually another great way to work on my Spanish (humbling too). The camp is only for the morning, so that's nice too; I will be there all week.
We came home and ate lunch like normal. After, I did a little reading; I'm reading Johnny Tremain to teach in one of my classes this fall. In my mind, it was the most patriotic thing I could do. Then I went with Cris and the boys to do some errands. I always enjoy spending time with Cris, and at the end of our errands, we stopped at a cafe/ice cream place where we sat outside for a while drinking coffee/eating ice cream (Galapagos coffee is strong but really good!). I really enjoy my friendship with Cris-she's like an older sister. Isaac played on a play horse near by; ok I played with him on it too. What can I say, I like to be a kid sometimes too :)
I was really thankful for how the day had gone. When we got home, Isaac and I played some futbol in the house. No, no we did not break anything. I started helping Cris with supper, and Jorge went to go get a couple things from the store. My friend Andres came over too, and I thought we were just eating supper together. After a little while, Cris asked me to come into the dinning room to help her with something, and then.... SURPRISE! The room was decorated with red,white, and blue balloon, brownies with American flags in them, and candles that were mini sparklers! It was simply fantastic! Cris even had a 4th of July tshirt she made me put on for the occasion. Oh, and she made the little American flags herself! She printed off the flags from the internet, and then taped them on tooth picks! She is so thoughtful. We ate supper and brownies, but there was still one more surprise to come. They had bought some actually fireworks!! The packet was about 5-10 fireworks, but they were great! I really do love fireworks, and I was kind of sad I was missing the holiday. God gave me such a blessing today! I am so very thankful for my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ here in Ecuador. Today was a God-given great day!

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