Monday, July 18, 2011


Sorry I haven't written lately; I didn't take my computer to Cuenca with me. However, I am now back in Quito, so let me tell you about the week.
I love Cuenca with all my heart. My friends there are my family, and I love the city. What did I do all week? I spent time with the people I already miss terribly. Both Sunday afternoons, I went to a friend's family's house for lunch. I love how the whole family gets together for lunch and simply spend time together. During the week, we would go visit my friend Cristina because she has a cafe that just opened-pretty sure we went there everyday :) We would walk around downtown (one of my favorite things to do), or go out to eat. One night we bought pizza from Pizza Hut (on Tuesday because that was my dad's tradition when I lived here) and took it to Turi. Turi is a church up on a hill that overlooks the whole city. We sat there, took pictures, and ate pizza-good memories.
God definitely answered prayer as well. I have 5 friends that I consider close friends, and I was able to see them all, and we were able to have some really good conversations. I wish I could be around more, but I am so very thankful for the time God gave me with them. I now know how to pray for them, and I hope it won't be too long until I get to see them again.
Today has been a more relaxed day, but I think we are going out tonight! Cris's Mom is here to watch the boys.
I'll be honest, there are a lot of thoughts going through my mind right now, but one day at a time. I am going to try to enjoy the last day and a half I have here. I will write again soon.

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