Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zip Line of Mindo

Zip lines- my experience of zip lines has purely been at IRBC ( a camp I was able to serve at for a summer). That was from the top of the climbing wall to a close by hill. Today I experienced a completely different way to do zip line. We drove to a town called Mindo-almost two hours from where we live. It's about 1,000 meters lower in altitude, which makes for a warmer climate. We met up with Pastor Glen and Sherri (the missionaries from Ruth's church). They were there with a group from the states, so I was able to hang out with that group for a little bit and go on the zip lines. I think that was the second time I have really been able to use my English since I've been here! Kind of nice :) We put on our harnesses and helmets, and then we were off! You go down one zip line, and then you walk/hike a little to the next one. With the group of 15, it took us about an hour and a half to two hours to get through the course. If there is a guide to go with you, you can choose to do the butterfly or the superman. I did the butterfly (upside down with your feet straight up in the air and hands spread apart). The guide goes with you and swings you from side to side. Ha it was pretty fun. I talked to one of the guides a little, and he told me it's even better when it's raining-you go twice as fast! I might have to come back :) The only down side of the whole thing was some nasty bug bites on my leg, but well worth the trip! Thankful to God for the experiences He is giving me.

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