Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calm Morning

Good morning all :) I just finished reading my Bible outside at my little table- so peaceful. Praise God I am feeling better. I even had energy to go for a walk today! Going up the hills was...well I had to catch my breath a little, but I will get there! As I was reading, I was reflecting on Galatians 4 and the truth that I am God's adopted child- I just can't get over that! No matter where God takes me or what roads He has for me, I hope I can always rest in that, in Him.
Life in Ecuador lately has been calm- I think that will be short lived, but I will get to that. Yesterday I helped Cris go to Quito to get Nicolas's social security card (American terms). The whole process is a lot more complicated here! We had some good time to talk as we went though. Later in the afternoon, Cris and I made brownies. Ha I had to use my computer to convert grams into cups so we could follow the recipe. They didn't turn out too bad, but we might have to perfect the recipe a little :) After supper, Cris and Jorge and I started talking about my time here. They came up with quite a list of things for us to do!! I think my quiet days will be few, but I am ok with that :) For now I have to run, but I do have a prayer request. Please pray for Margarita, their maid. She's catholic, but she's really friendly with me, and I am praying for some opportunities to share with her. Thanks!

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