Monday, June 20, 2011

God's Plans vs. Mine

Today I was suppose to set off with a group to the jungle-that's definitely something I have never done before. Cris y Jorge dropped me off at the church last night, and I met the Pastor, his wife, another missionary, and three individuals from Kentucky. I really enjoyed talking with them, and I started practicing puppets with them to prepare for the next days. However, as I was sitting there, I started not to feel so well. Those of you who know me pretty well I am sure are not surprised by this. I just started to become pretty achy and weak. I let the missionaries know, and they said to wait until morning, but if I was not feeling well, then it would be best if I stayed. I prayed that God would make it clear if He wanted me to do or not. Well by morning, I still didn't feel well at all- I knew I couldn't go. I was bummed because I really would have liked to have gone and spent time with this group and to see what ministry in the jungle is like. However, He did clearly answer my prayer (my family was praying too because I got to call my dad for Father's Day!). I spent the morning sleeping at the church (they have beds to sleep in on the third floor). Ruth works at this church, and she then brought me back to Jorge y Cris's. I am thankful that worked out like that. Most of the day I have been sleeping or just resting and praying. In a way it's nice to have some time alone with the Lord. It's been great to be here, but with adjusting to everything, I think my time with God has not been as close. Please pray for the group that is in the jungle right now- Pastor Glen and Sherri, Jenny, David, Bill, and Keeonda. You can also pray that I just enjoy spending time with the Lord as I get over whatever this is. Thanks.

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