Thursday, June 16, 2011

Primera Dia

Praise God I am here!!! Yesterday was definitely a long day, but it went well. I did have an opportunity to talk with the man I sat next to on my flight to Atlanta. He goes to a Presbyterian church, and he told me he believed there is only one way to heaven. We also talked about families and travels- it was a blessing to talk with him-so thank you for those of you who prayed for opportunities. When I got to Quito, everything went pretty smoothly, the only thing that took a while was waiting for my suitcase. When I finally got it, I walked out and found my good friends Jorge and Andres waiting for me. That’s really when it hit me that I was here. It was so good to see them-it always feels like I have not only traveled in distance but time. When I am in the states, Ecuador always seems like a dream instead of a reality. Jorge and Cris (the couple I am staying with) live probably 15-20 minutes out of Quito (although my perception on things in general last night was a little off, so I am not exactly sure). Cris and Jorge have a beautiful house!! I love it. My room is a little set off from the rest of the house, and I have my own bathroom and balcony...pretty nice :) This morning when I woke up, Cris and Jorge were gone, but Cris’s mother was here, and she talked with me while I ate breakfast. She is very sweet, and it was a blessing to have someone to talk to at breakfast. There was only one line she said that went completely over my head, but I just smiled and made do :) When Cris returned home, we started talking about my schedule. Well, let’s just say I think these 5 weeks are going to fly. Cris kept telling me that 5 weeks is so short, that I should be here longer. We have to figure out a few things, then I will let you know all that I am doing. In short, I will be helping at some schools, maybe helping an American group that’s coming down, and hopefully visiting Cuenca. I really am looking forward to my time here. I just spent the afternoon catching up with my Tia Ruth!! I showed her pictures from the last few years-she’s been a huge encouragement in my life; it was a blessing to share with her what God has been doing lately.

As I was traveling, God seem to take all my nerves away. Even the way the trip started, getting flights switched in a way that was much simpler, God was reminding me He has this whole time in His hands. What He wants to happen will happen, and I am plain excited for the next 5 weeks!!! Thanks for your prayers, and I will write again soon.

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