Thursday, March 4, 2010

1st Day of School

So today I spent my first full day at ECA (evangelical christian academy). Schedules are a little different here. The first class doesn't start until 9 and class ends at 4. My cooperating teacher is a morning person and is usually out the door by 7:15. I on the other hand was only up for about 15 minutes by that time. But it was nice; I made my coffee and read my Bible, and before I new it it was 8:20!! Merry told me to be there by 8:45, so I rushed to get ready ( I live right around the corner from the school). The class periods are 50 minutes, and they don't break for lunch till bout 1:40 (that's a very Spaniard way, they eat later than we do). So I observed Merry's 12th grade class, and then the 10th grade class (which I will be teaching as well but it's with another teacher. And then I observed 6th grade math, a class of 7 6th grade boys (and one of them has a Bristish accent, I love the diversity of the school!) And then I went to Merry's 9th grade class and finished by observing 6th grade ancient history. I ate lunch with the teachers; everyone has such different backgrounds. The piano teacher is from Korea, the other teachers have been MK's all's amazing to see how God has brought all of these teachers here. And the rest of the afternoon I started working on a bulliten board for Merry...and it's not done yet (bulliten boards are not exactly my forte but Im working on it!). I will only be teaching English, so that's a blessing. Every Monday and Friday we have a staff meeting before school, so tomorrow's my first meeting. And then on Saturday I think I am going to be able to go into the city of Madrid with a couple of the other teachers, so Im excited for that!And tonight Merr and I walked around Camarma some and got some really good break for supper and watched a Murder She Wrote (an old mystery show I use to watch growing up). And now I have a few things to finish up before I go to bed, but thanks so much for praying. I am just starting to get to know people, so you can definitely pray for relationships. I'll be in touch soon. Hasta Luego.


  1. Sounds like you had a great 1st day of school, Hannah! I appreciate your descriptions of the people and the environment there. Very interesting! God bless!

    Dr. Stupka

  2. Yay Hannah! What a full day - I pray God blesses you with many fun experiences and great students this first week :) Praying for you! And good luck with the bulletin board... I know just how you feel ;)

    Sarah L