Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Sunday

Today Merry and I were running a little late to church....not abnormal for the culture but for Merry, it is. And it was a little rainy outside and still recovering from the all-nighter, I figured this would be a good day to be in the church service (look mom, I am taking care of myself!!:) . Many things were said that I didn't catch-it's so easy to let my mind wander when its all in Spanish- but my respect for this church grew. The man who spoke addressed how as a church they have been through a lot, but how through the Lord they have prevailed. They don't have a pastor, and a while back things got complicated with their lawyer for their building and the church had to pay for their building twice!! But God has been good and the people have been faithful to God and their church body. I was encouraged by them today.
Prayer request for this week: The Volkers (missionaries in Portugal) are coming this week. Mr. Volker is observing me teach Wednesday and Thursday, so would definitely appreciate your prayers. I talk fast when I get nervous......
And we only have school till Thursday and then Spring Break!!!! WHOHU!! :) Im not excited at all ;) Saturday I leave for Germany for a teacher conference and get back Wednesday, and then Thursday April 1st guess where I get to go? LONDON!!! God was so good and worked it out. I my not be able to see lots and lots of things because well..ha Im not made of money :) But I am going with one of the teachers, and we have two full days to spend in the city of London, and pictures are free!!! Im so excited!!:) Thanks so much for your prayers.

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