Thursday, March 25, 2010


Thanks for praying for me today. God was good and helped me get through my first class (the one that was being observed) and then I had a good chat with Mr. Voelker. I didn't pass with flying colors, but he gave me very helpful insights into things that I can improve. I shouldn't expect to have this whole teacher thing down already (even thought the perfectionist pride side of me wants to). The last couple days have been good and humbling and I am thankful for them. The rest of the day I basically spent on the couch sleeping or watching a movie. If you could pray that I would be back to myself soon, especially since Im leaving for Germany on Sat., I would really appreciate that. But God knows that too, and He is always a good Father. Thanks again for praying; I am so thankful for you all.

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  1. Hannah, no coughing! lol. miss you and am praying for you! Your spring break is almost here!