Saturday, March 20, 2010


So yesterday after school, I helped with the Lock-In the student council put on for the high school. About 30 students came, and it was a great time. One of the first things that we did was a staff and student council hunt. We who were in disguise dress-up in some pretty funny outfits. Merry had me wear a blond wig...ha I looked ridiculous, but it was pretty funny. I walked around the mall for an hour and was found by all the groups, but we all had a good time sharing our stories eating supper together (and I got some Starbucks on the way out because I figured I had a good excuse; I might like Starbucks better here:) We played some games at the school and watched the movies the students had made for a contest. And while the students played some more games, I helped a couple of the mom's make homemade pizza because of course we needed more food :) After eating LOTS of pizza, we watched a movie, and then split up to "get some sleep." Marie (the French teacher here, she's single and in her late 20s) and I actually had a really good time talking while we monitored everything; I thank God for her encouragement. And about 3 hours later ,a couple of the other parents came and made us some amazing pancakes, again which we all ate lots of! And then everyone went their ways.... I have yet to crash, but I have a feeling I will need a nap this afternoon! Thanks for your prayers. Tonight some of the lady teachers are getting together for pizza and a movie i think....and then off to church tomorrow. Please pray for the group of us that go out Sunday morning to witness to people at the Metro station. Thanks again, your prayers are much needed and appreciated.

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