Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Facts

Ok so I thought some of you might like to know some of the random things that are different from home...so here goes:)
~ Toilets very from house to house. Mine has a knob on top that you pull up ( I couldn't figure it out at first, so it's the first question I asked Merry! Ya, great first question)
~Bathroom lights are usually on the outside of the door
~ You kiss people on both sides of the cheek ( I was only use to one in Ecuador)
~ The town of Camarma (about 5,000) has no gas station, but yet I saw a mechanic shop when I walked around today.
~ When you get gas (in a town 10 min. from us), you pump it yourself but then have to go pay in person. And its not like the gas stations where there's lots of food inside, it's just somewhere where a worker sits so that you can pay to get your gas.
~ Merry's microwave is older, so it's got a dial. The problem is most of the time the dial goes the opposite way it should, adding more time instead of less. So I have to watch it so I don't make things explode!
~ Lunch break is not until about 1:45
~ American coffee truly is weak!
~ Father's Day is March 19th
~When you have communion at church, you actually break a small load of bread and pass that around.
~ Stores close around 2 and don't open again until sometime after 5
Ok that's about all for now, I'll let you know if I pick up any other random facts:) Thanks for praying.

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