Saturday, March 13, 2010


Toledo is the old capital of Spain (Madrid became the capital in the 16th or 17th century), and today Merry gave us a little tour of the town. It's about an hour from the school. The way there was a bit longer because of traffic. They were doing construction on the railing, changing the railing to a type that wouldn't cause moder-cycle drivers' arms and legs to get cut off in an accident. Interesting fact for you:) After we got there, we (me, Merry, and two other girls from the school) walked around and went into this massive church. Everything was so detailed and ornate, like the choir loft. The chairs were carved out of wood, and each one was different. And then we just continued to walk and take pictures. The town had cobble-stone roads and very small alley ways. It was beautiful (I put some pictures on facebook if you want to see!) We stopped at the Cafe of the Nuns (because the Nuns are the ones who make everything). It was delicious! I really liked that bakery. We ended up eating at McDonald's for lunch... :( It was cheaper and faster, and actually they use fresh ingredients so it was better than the US. And then we fell asleep on the way home. A pretty good Saturday if you ask me :) Thanks for praying, and if you could, please pray or me and a small group of people as we go and try to share the gospel with people at the metro station ( I did this last Sunday too).Thanks!!

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